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Grab & Go Technology

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Your customers close the door, and that's it - their card is automatically charged the right amount! No checkout queues!


Open 24/7

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Your stores can operate on their own 24/7, so your customers can shop anytime they want.


Fully Automated

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Our AI algorithms take care of your customers' shopping experience. They even take care of your store - with our 24/7 cloud-connected Backoffice, it is easy to know when stock needs to be replenished.


Less than 1 minute shopping

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You can provide a shopping experience that takes less than 60 seconds - from the moment the card or app is tapped in front of a MicroStore to the second the doors are closed and payment is processed.


Want to grow your sales?

Want to grow your sales?

ROI achieved in record time

It's easy to set up, to operate and it's profitable. Our MicroStore-as-a-Service pricing model allows for risk sharing and fast break-even.

Real time insights

Our MicroStores are connected to the cloud 24/7 - that means our partners are constantly receiving store information in real time and can perform live customer analysis.

Less operational costs

Reckon.ai's AI systems allow you to predict, organize and deploy your resources more efficiently. You will be able to provide a better shopping experience for a fraction of the cost.

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