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Who we are


The beginning

Reckon.ai was founded in 2017, by Ana and Paulo, two engineers who realized the transformative power of combining Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Retail.

Experience and knowledge

They added their experience in those fields to User Experience principles, and created MicroStores that could operate on their own 24/7, without human intervention, delivering a frictionless Shopping Experience for both End-Consumers and Retail Operators.


Our first prototype

Our First Prototype was developed with Jerónimo Martins (a top-50 global retailer) as a Pingo Doce supermarket and installed in Nova School of Business and Economics in 2019.


Seed Round

2021 was a landmark year with a seed round investment of €1.5 million from numerous partners that reinforced the transformative power of our solution and allowed further developments.


Fast forward

Fast Forward to 2022 and we have now several MicroStores operating in supermarkets, malls, offices, universities… delivering fast and convenient shopping experiences all over the world.

Now we would love to have you on this journey!

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