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Turnkey Solutions

We conceptualize and develop custom Intelligent refrigerated, non-refrigerated, frozen, or hot Cabinets to meet your business needs. Through partnerships with top hardware producers, our Microstores respond to the quest for more convenience and better consumer experiences.

Retrofit - Old Equipment, New Functionalities

Upgrade and update pre-owned equipment into AI-Powered Smartstores. By retrofitting your hardware, your equipment will become a fully Autonomous Cabinet with an entirely new set of functionalities - a Backoffice Platform, Real-Time Customer and Stock Analysis, etc.

Corner Stores

A Smart Boutique Store Concept that enables Unattended Retail in locations up to 30m². Presenting as an expansion in size and technology of the SmartStores, this is the solution for those looking for flexibility and a greater assortment of products.

Endless Possibilities

Be it an innovation or an entirely new solution, our proprietary technology can make it a reality. With Software and Artificial Intelligence integration, we can provide the technology specific to your every goal and idea.

Reckon.ai Platform

We have developed a comprehensive software platform that combines Artificial Intelligence, Product Recognition, Cameras, Sensors and clever User Experience Design to transform any small area into a Smart Space.

Our First Product

Our first product was born in 2019. The MicroStore is a 24/7, cashierless, fully automated Grab & Go SmartStore that you can easily set up anywhere – from airports to offices, train stations, and hotel lobbies.

AI Driven

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Our technology is fully powered by cloud-based Artificial Intelligence algorithms that recognize and identify products and interactions.


Fully Automated

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Our MicroStore technology allows for automated checkouts and replenishments. The payment processing happens automatically, and with that information on instore purchases, stock management becomes simpler.


One Day Setup

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We provide a personalized setup of our MicroStores, following up closely during the first months of operation. It's a rapid process, from product training to the integration of our technology into your systems.


Real-Time Data

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Our Microstores constantly receive and provide store information in real-time. With this, you can predict, promote and tend to your customers' specific behavior.


Tech Specifications

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