At, we present Microstores as a business model, an innovative concept looking to elevate the shopping experience. Our technology is a combination of several different elements:

  • Computer Vision;
  • Weight Sensors;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Algorithms.

All of these components work in permanent collaboration to provide the most successful operation possible.

Computer Vision and Weight Sensors work together to identify products. This recognition is done through the “Electronic Eye” that perceives products three-dimensionally while also recognizing their estimated weight. Doing this increases accuracy, preventing system failure and other possible mishaps.

Our algorithm allows us to combine the information provided by the different sensors, ensuring the most accurate interpretations with 99.9% reliability. The algorithm is also continuously learning. This allows for a better understanding of the products carried in our Microstores which, over time, results in faster processing of transactions.

The transactions recognized by our sensors and scales are then shared with our partners. All store activity is communicated to our servers in the Cloud and made available in real-time. This communication provides detailed, up-to-date information on actions and stocks in the various microstores, allowing for logistical optimization and Just-in-Time (JIT) software planning. This JIT model gives the power back to the retailers by granting them complete control over the replenishing process, working on a demand basis. The compilation of real-time insights allows multiple analyses of the assortment of products, store performance per location, duration of the purchases, etc.

Finally, at, we opt for a different form of shopping recognition. While the industry standard is to position cameras in a way that captures the client’s physical characteristics, through the recognition of body movements, we place our cameras on the inside of our Microstrores. Focusing on the product and not on shoppers’ behavior, there is no visual identification of buyers, minimizing data privacy concerns.

The merge of these technologies allows frictionless, automated Grab & Go purchases. Simple, efficient, and convenient for businesses and customers alike. On the business side, opening Grab & Go Smartstores is beneficial since they’re easy to set up (Plug & Play Technology), have low operating costs, and serve as an easy way of minimizing queues. For clients, they provide a practical and seamless shopping experience.

We see technology as the key to becoming a long-lasting organization. In constant reinvention and transformation, we work every day to better attend to our partners’ needs. Disrupting and shaping the New Retail World. 🚀