Building a brand is primarily to think about people.

The people that use your products, the people that buy your products, and the people who develop and build your products. If you have read the previous sentence carefully, you noticed one more thing — the word “products” is ubiquitous there, and that’s because the product is a building stone for a technology brand like had a great product (did I already mention we are operating at 99.9% reliability levels with our Grab & Go Smartstores’ software?) that was completely focused on delivering fast and frictionless autonomous shopping experiences to people. From the get-go, we developed a product focused on increasing availability (easy to set up at different locations, open 24/7) and eliminating queues (nobody really likes them).

We understood the best way to do this was to harness the sheer power of AI (speed, scale, routine) and the behavior-centric approach of design thinking — so to combine technology with human nature.


Enabling AI-Powered Shopping Experiences

“Enabling AI-Powered Shopping Experiences” is then more than a simple brand proposition — it is our Internal Motto on how we (the people that develop products) commit to building a better life for you (the person that will use a microstore powered by our software). It states the belief that if one is people-centric then one can use technology to improve daily lives in a human way.

That is the shared credo at And thus we develop Software and Technology to power SmartStores, a blend of Tech + AI + Shopping UX. We work on “Enabling AI-Powered Shopping Experiences”, to disrupt and shape the New Retail World.

Ricardo R. Silva — Head of Marketing at