Employee expectations have evolved beyond pay, benefits, and perks — a sense of shared identity, interactions, and a fulfilling employee experience are crucial for a successful post-pandemic business.



The task that arises now is how to keep employees engaged and productive in different environments and locations.


I was never a fan of the HR designation. Even before I pursued my education in the field, it never felt human. It felt like people were seen as assets. Luckily HR is more and more designated as People Department or People & Culture and Talent, proof that things are evolving.


People Departments have evolved from taking up administrative and legal tasks to being the glue between the company and those who are part of it


I see a People Manager as a go-to person, a connector, a predictor, and a brand builder.


The changes didn’t end with its designation. The relationship between the People and other company divisions has also transformed. Formerly, traditional HR was interchangeable with financial-related functions and now is a central part of Business Strategy and Comms. Currently, the People and Marketing Departments work in extreme proximity with continuous exchanges and collaboration.



This is an exciting time to be in Reckon.ai’s People Department. We are at the very beginning of something big and great, and we are a team of doers. In this sense, for example, we don’t see a reason to have an organigram. We are much more than our job title, and we all make things happen with a no-excuses culture. We also believe in Peter Drucker’s Managing by Walking Around.


The novelty and excitement of this environment make filling the grey areas between our expanding departments a necessary task. It’s a great way to break the routine or any dullness if it ever exists.


Dealing with smart people is another good side of the job. We can work and play, have fun, but play like adults. It’s great if you are both a pro in both Python and Monty Python. The freedom and autonomy we have, imply responsibility and ownership, and smart people understand that well.



Internally we are implementing strategies to provide a better and warmer welcoming & onboarding. To find people who are the best fit for us. To create a feedback-based culture. To increase diversity and to develop retention strategies from the get-go.


In a second moment, we want to help you, to manage your career, listen to why you stay and why you leave, your creative ideas, and always build trust together.


Establishing both internal and external connections is of importance to us. We aim to be global, and we want to interact with both our present and future Reckoners and our community as a whole. We want to communicate, enrich, and transform through our shared culture and identity.



There are no recipes for success, that’s why we customize the Reckon.ai experience. Uniquely Reckon.ai.


For further plans, you have to stay tuned and see. The possibilities are infinite. 🚀


Nuno Veríssimo — Head of People at Reckon.ai